Healthy habits that will change your life?

Picking up, keeping things organized, and even simply making the bed helps us feel better. Get ready for success the night before. Instead, the real-life adult version of a 90s makeover movement focuses on becoming our best, happiest, healthiest, and best self. That means adopting habits that make us feel good, being kinder to ourselves, and doing bad things (because we deserve to have it all).

No, a new wardrobe and a popular homecoming quote won't change your life, but these 17 incredibly easy and good habits just might. The trick to maintaining healthy lifestyle changes is to make them small and regular. You can make a big difference in your health with these five 10-minute habits. The post The 5 habits that can change your life appeared first on Calendar.

Read more 200 fun Christmas trivia questions and answers (family quiz), continue. If you're not quite sure what habits to add to your daily routine, here are five key habits you can start that can change your life. One of my favorite books, Atomic Habits by James Clear, talks about how developing habits doesn't have to be complicated or seem strange.

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