What are the 10 good habits in life?

Maybe you like to go for a run. Can you pause and smile before continuing to read this? Now, this is what just happened according to research conducted by the Psychological Science Association: you set the pace to live a happier life when you smile. A genuine smile, or what is called a Duchenne smile, is a good habit if you want to find mental, emotional and spiritual peace. The smile induces the release of molecules that help combat stress.

The physiological state of the body determines the state of the mind. When you slouch or frown, your mind picks up signals related to unhappiness and depression. However, once you adapt to putting on a smile, you'll begin to feel a new level of emotion and vitality. Starting your day with a healthy diet is a good habit and forms a crucial part of your life.

However, about 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. Get inspired by these 20 healthy breakfast options that will save you time. These 10 habits have helped me transform my life from a life of frustration, anxiety, anger, and helplessness to a life of empowerment, ambition, purpose and joy. It goes without saying, but sleeping is an important habit.

It's okay to have those 4-hour nights from time to time, usually it's a girl's fault or an MMORPG's fault. But in general, getting about 7 hours of sleep a night will do you good. Did you know that 40 percent of everything we do are habits? Awesome, right? Walking or doing any physical activity can help prevent diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and more. Experts recommend that adults do at least 2.5 hours of active movement per week.

It takes about 2 months to form a new habit, says psychology researcher Phillippa Lally. After 2 months of consistency, you're more likely to emit the new behavior automatically. If you want to be more physically active, you can start by stretching for 1 minute and continuing with that. After 2 weeks, say out loud what your habits are and why you're doing them.

This can help you remember why you started and keep you motivated. While any invented list of habits may seem subjective, there are, in fact, 25 particular habits that will not only help you succeed, financially, but will also keep you healthy, happy and satisfied in life. While much of the emphasis is on bad habits to stop, it's just as important to focus on good habits to have and cultivate in your daily routine.

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