Where is healthy habit?

At Healthy Habit we believe in the power of healthy food with a great-tasting menu that's great for you. Delicious and nutritious, that's our goal. Make a plan that includes small, reasonable goals and specific actions you'll take to achieve them. It's also important to plan for obstacles.

Think about what could cause your best efforts to live healthier to fail. How can you continue to make healthy choices in unexpected situations, times of stress, or when you're tempted by old habits? Regular exercise is probably the closest we can get to a fountain of youth. According to the National Cancer Institute, regular exercise helps control weight, maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints, and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, about 260,000 deaths a year in the U.S.

The U.S. is attributable to lack of physical activity. If you want to live to be 100, eat larger portions of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and eat smaller portions of high-calorie foods that contain large amounts of sugar and fat.

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