Why should beauty standards be banned?

Studies show that beauty standards directly contribute to anxiety and depression. They can cause body dysmorphia and eating disorders. They can fuel low self-esteem, self-harm, and even suicide. All these conditions have increased in recent years and all are unequivocally related to beauty standards.

We need to get rid of ideal body standards because they trivialize and undermine decades of hard-earned progress by advocates. Only then will women be able to realize their full potential and individual beauty. Atkinson said that the problem with many of the movements to achieve a more curved body is that “even if it's more comprehensive and wide, a standard involves a basic expectation and not everyone will live up to it. They frequently change over the years and women are expected to change themselves to fit the image if they want to be perceived as “pretty” or “beautiful.” For the report, she worked with economists to estimate the cost of unrealistic beauty standards, using methods such as those used to estimate the cost of gun violence.

One of the most important ones that came to mind was toxic beauty standards and, specifically, the way they are represented on social media. Throughout history, women have felt the need to measure up and change themselves to match what is glorified and labeled as beautiful. Many women lack confidence and the social standards of beauty that are set for us play an important role in this. Beauty standards are part of women's history, and women have always been pressured to look a certain way.

And an article by Jessica Defino for Hello giggles said that “studies show that beauty standards directly contribute to anxiety and depression. Despite its appearance as a holistic campaign, it actually promotes “a standard” and communicates the idea that your natural, raw self isn't enough. The problem with beauty standards is that they are an unrealistic image that society has established for women to measure up to. Unrealistic beauty standards are everywhere, social media apps fill their exploration pages with Instagram models who show off their “perfect lifestyle”.

While doing research for this project, I found a blog post that listed the Standards for Women's Bodies from 1292 B.

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