What are the top 5 healthy habits?

According to the CDC, we don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. In fact, only 9% of Americans meet the daily vegetable intake recommendation. If you think we're doing better with our consumption of fruit, we're not doing it. The same report found that only 12% of Americans eat enough fruit every day.

Starting a new healthy habit can be overwhelming and even discouraging if you don't meet your high expectations. To combat this, start small and set realistic and feasible goals. Here are 5 ideas about healthy habits with tips to help you get started. Drinking enough water can help improve body functions, help us control our calorie intake, improve digestion, muscle recovery, the appearance of our skin and more (.

A simple way to encourage yourself to start drinking more water is to carry your water bottle everywhere. Just seeing the water up close should help you remember to drink more, but you can create additional reminders by setting up hourly notifications on your phone to remind you to take a short break to drink water until you've gotten into the habit. You can also encourage yourself to drink more water by looking for a water bottle that you're excited to use and carry with you throughout the day. If you want to work even harder, try to keep track of the number of ounces you drink per day until you reach your goal.

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